Press Clipping

Reggae is an interesting genre. On the one hand, you'll find songs about taking it easy. On the other hand, reggae songs can have a heavy message. Taj Weekes and Adowa offer both on the new album Love Herb & Reggae.

The album begins with "Let Your Voice". In this song, Weekes sings, "Let your voice be as loud as your silence." This seems a particularly apt song for an election year. It's sound advice especially for all those young voters who don't see the point in voting for one of two candidates they don't believe in. It's a heavy message put to a groove that is sure to get you moving. Plus the harmony vocals in this song are outstanding.

Like Desmond Dekker, Weekes has a voice that is in the higher registers - although Weekes has a bit more rasp in his voice than Dekker. Still, his vocals are perfect for the groovy melodies like you'll find in "Full Sight".

The title track is an easygoing tune that makes you want to stop what you're doing so you can just relax while you enjoy it. The instrumentation is stripped down (just guitar, piano, and percussion), which lends to the easygoing feel of the song.

Whether you like the sunny melodies of reggae or the songs with a strong social message, this album will fit right into your collection. It contains 14 songs that are sure to have you grooving. Love Herb & Reggae will be available on February 12 on Jatta Records.