Press Clipping

This is a Reggae Vibe Official Warning! This album contains heavy roots Reggae music. Adowa brings a cultural roots vibe to compliment the distinctive vocals of Taj Weeks. Track #3 Giant Beast is a message to all that Babylon will fall. Track #4 “Here I Stand” speaks on the issue of Love. With all the diversity in the world the role of love has become even more versatile which Taj sings about in this song. There’s a beautiful message to be heard on the track so if you don’t listen to any other tunes on this album this is the one to hear.

Love, Herb & Reggae the title track is a herb smokers anthem. For many Rastafarians that is life. Love for your family and friends, herb is the food for the brain, and Reggae has the power. Track #7 “Bullet From a Gun” is a very deep tune! The first line is something to really think about when you watch the news and the speak about how many died today. That equals out to how many birthday’s will be missed, how many smiling faces will be gon

Track #10 “The Laws” speak on the topic of Marijuana and it’s benefits vs. it’s negatives. This is one of those tracks that needs to be heard by the law makers, and those who have the power to change the laws! Making these types of songs help to bring much needed exposure to the subject. Many caribbean people travel around the globe and there’s always that thought of the elements that make the Caribbean sweet when your away. The final track “St. Lucia on my mind” shares the experience that many have when the cold starts to lick. When you listen to the track thoughts of the ocean, the cool breeze, and the natural mystic should come to your thoughts.

The album over all is good solid Reggae music. I would best describe Love, Herb, and Reggae as a solid brick in the house that builds positive Reggae music. I don’t know how many of the mainstream outlets will pick up this album and give it airplay but for Roots Reggae lovers I would advise you to add this one to the collection. Great production from the band Adowa and a positive overall message brings me to why I had to give this album a positive review.